About Us                            Softlight Corporation
About Our Business

Softlight Corporation designs and sells software for the IBM
AS/400® and iSeries® computers.

Softlight Auditor, our f
lagship product, helps DP auditors review
activity from the OS/400 audit journals. It is used by many banks to
help meet examiners' requirements for activity review.

Softlight Corporation was founded in 1985 to provide DP audit
software for the IBM System/36.

In the early 1990's, Softlight Auditor for the IBM AS/400 was
developed, and became popular with banks and financial

The company
presently serves more than 200 clients across the
US and several in other nations.  The vast majority of our clients
continue to favor us with renewals year after year.  

To our customers:  Thank you for your business!

To our visitors: We appreciate your interest, and hope to have
the chance to earn your business.
Since 1985!