License Agreement

       Softlight Corporation ("we") and the company, individual or organization evaluating or using our product
("you") agree as follows.

       We agree to supply to you one copy of our licensed computer program, Softlight Auditor, and its related
documentation ("product"), for evaluation purposes only.  This copy will function for a brief period, then cease
to function.  We warrant that we have the right to deliver the product to you, and that we are the copyright holder.

       You agree that we hold the copyright to the product, and that the product represents considerable time,
effort and expense on our behalf.  You agree not to reverse engineer the product, nor to make copies available
to any third party.

       You agree not to use the product or any portion of it after the expiration date we supply to you without first
paying our annual license fee.

       If you elect not to license the product, you agree to remove the product from your system and not to
reinstall it.  You agree to continue to respect our copyright to the program and documentation.

       Because modern computers (including the operating systems that support them) and computer
programs (including this product) are complex and may be configured in many ways, we do not warrant that
the product is free of all defects, nor that it will install or operate properly on every system.  You agree that you
will use this evaluation period to verify that the product operates on your system without interfering with other
programs or operating procedures at your site.

       During the evaluation period, the program is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, including
merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.  It is an evaluation copy, provided so that you may decide
whether or not it meets your needs.  We are happy to work with you to help you make your decision, but we are
under no obligation to you, nor you to us, except as specified in this license agreement.

       If you elect to keep the product beyond the trial period, you must pay our annual license fee.  This license
agreement remains in force, and is renewed each year, unless you send us notice that you plan to cancel the
license and return the product.  You agree to continue to respect our copyright.  We agree to provide you with
updates and bug fixes, as they become available, at no extra charge – as a part of your annual license fee.  

       If we cannot correct a material defect for a licensed customer, we will at our sole discretion, refund up to
one year’s license fee, pro-rated from the time the program defect was reported to us, or extend your license
term for an equivalent amount of time. We are not liable to you or to your customers or trading partners for
incidental or consequential damages. By paying our license fee, you agree to the terms of this license.

       This agreement is made in and shall be governed by the laws of the state of South Carolina.

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