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Do you know what's happening on your system?

Management, external auditors and examiners normally expect
someone to review computer system activity. Creating programs,
adding user accounts, and creating device descriptions are just
three ways - among many more - to open opportunities for
intentional or unintentional misuse, compromise security, or violate
privacy policies.

A properly-configured AS/400 or iSeries computer can block access
by unauthorized users. But how will you know if the configuration
A qualified computer professional could help you, but the principle
of segregation of duties normally dictates that someone outside the
computer area have this responsibility.  Do you have the time to do
all this?
Softlight Auditor does!
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Softlight Auditor - Help for the IT Auditor since 1992

Softlight Auditor™ is our sole product. In use since 1992 at more
than 200 sites around the world, this program helps internal
auditors review activity on their AS/400 or iSeries computers without
the aid of their computer department and without needing to write
any programs or queries.
Monitor your system to improve security.
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